From Lindy Ruff's perspective, the Milan Lucic-Ryan Miller dustup is history. The Sabres coach pointed to last year's rematch in Buffalo, when ex-Sabre Paul Gaustad challenged Lucic, and Robyn Regehr tangled with Zdeno Chara. "We've answered the physical challenge," Ruff said. "We've been there for each other from Day 1 of this. We play a gritty style. We play a hitting style. We have to win games. We dealt with last year. We had a game where Gaustad fought Lucic and Regehr fought Chara. We played a couple great games against them and came away with points. Hockey's about winning a game. It's about winning the physical battle. It's about winning the mental battle. It's about winning the territorial battles. If you win those, you give yourselves a chance to win." John Scott and Steve Ott are first-year Sabres. They were brought in to elevate the team's pugnacity. Scott also believes the history has been addressed. "I think everyone's familiar with it," Scott said of the incident. "It was last year. I thought it was dealt with this year. So hopefully none of that stuff rears its head tonight."