Last week, I defended Chuck Pagano. I won't this week. The performance of Pagano and his coaching staff was terrible on Sunday. There are no excuses this time, Chuck. I'm not defending you this time. Last week, I wrote "a defense of Chuck Pagano." This week there will be no such thing. No, I defended you once, and the result was the worst game of the Chuck Pagano era. The loss to the Rams was reminiscent of the 2011 Colts, and maybe even worse. Today, there will be no excuses: this one, while the game was composed of 46 players getting outplayed, absolutely should fall ultimately on Chuck Pagano and his coaching staff. Andrew Luck played by far his worst game as a pro. The offensive line was worse than you could imagine. Vontae Davis imploded and Robert Mathis was the only one who could bring any sort of pressure on Kellen Clemens. The special teams units couldn't cover at all. David Reed was bad enough that he should have been cut at halftime. Understand, this was a TEAM loss. Putting it solely on Chuck Pagano's shoulders is unfair. At the same time, however, this blame for this loss should go primarily to Pagano and his coaching staff. The Rams entered this game better than their record of 3-6, but they aren't this good. This isn't to take anything away from the Rams, who played a great ball game. But the Colts were unprepared, outplayed, outcoached, and overwhelmed. Chuck Pagano stood on the sidelines watching his team implode in front of his eyes, and nothing he did could stop that. Chuck Pagano and Greg Manusky's defense was torched today. Pep Hamilton's offense was awful. Tom McMahon's special teams were awful. There's no hiding behind Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton this week - the failures of the coaching staff today were exposed, and it wasn't pretty. I cautioned against overreacting last week, and I'll do the same here. There is a huge difference between saying that "the coaches are terrible" and "the coaches were terrible today." I'm not ready to say that any of these coaches are terrible coaches yet. But I'm absolutely ready to say that they were terrible today. It's a coach's job to get the team ready to play. It's a coach's job to have them prepared. It's a coach's job to make the in-game adjustments needed. It's a coach's job to keep his team motivated. It's a coach's job to keep his team from falling apart. Chuck Pagano can't help it that his offensive line was beyond terrible. He can't help it that the defense was torched or that the special teams were awful. Most of all, he can't help it that his quarterback played the worst game of his NFL career. But while the players deserve plenty of blame, so do Chuck Pagano, Pep Hamilton, and the rest of the coaching staff.