Despite returning to Denver for the first time in a Texans uniform, Brock Osweiler is treating this week the same as last week. Osweiler isn’t thinking of last year's championship run or his departure from the Broncos in free agency. There is no date circled on the calendar. This game is just like any other game. It’s a trick he learned from Peyton Manning, who had to return to Indianapolis to face his former team during his time as a Bronco. Manning kept his routine the same the week leading up to the game, just like any other week despite the media frenzy surrounding him. “I remember being in our Saturday night quarterback meeting, and when I got to that meeting I was kind of anxious to see how he was going to be, what kind of energy he would have,” Osweiler said. “I’ll never forget it. He stepped into the meeting and the way he conducted himself, he was the same Peyton Manning that he was the week before, the week before that and the week before that.” Osweiler, drafted by the Broncos in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, is doing the same. From his routine in the morning to the exact timing of his body work in the evening, the Texans starting quarterback is also staying focused this week. Osweiler won't let emotions and outside noise take him out of his preparation.