Marvin Bagley III, the consensus No. 1 high school prospect in the world, publicly committed to Duke late Monday in a development that could drastically alter the landscape of college basketball for this upcoming season. "It's just the brotherhood there," Bagley said in an interview televised by ESPN. "I had a good feeling [about Duke] ever since they offered me a scholarship in the ninth grade. ... I'm just blessed to be in this position." Bagley also stated publicly for the first time what CBS Sports reported last month -- that he's trying to graduate early, reclassify and play college basketball this season. Whether he'll be able to accomplish as much remains unclear because it's a process that'll ultimately be decided by the NCAA, and it's a process that could easily and reasonably trickle into the start of the season and/or produce a disappointing result. In other words, there's still no guarantee the 6-foot-11 forward will ever actually play college basketball. But is it possible? Yes, multiple sources involved in Bagley's recruitment and familiar with the NCAA's process for granting freshmen eligibility have told CBS Sports it is possible for Bagley to successfully reclassify and play this season.