A fan’s interest in offseason moves is – to distill it – rooted in their desire to be entertained from August through December. And beyond. A player’s interest goes much deeper. Who will he be working with? Who may take his job? How might a new employee help an entrenched teammate reach professional goals and increase his earning power because of the team success? On Tuesday, it was apparent that Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich has been closely watching the work of the Patriots front office. And he likes what he’s seen. “We’ve done some good things so far and it’s not over yet, right?” said Ninkovich during a planned media access period at Gillette Stadium. “I’m excited that Julian [Edelman] came back. He’s my guy. … With Tom [Brady], you can pretty much do anything. So offensively, we’re looking good. Defensively, just adding a couple pieces, those guys are tremendous talents. Again, as a defensive end, you’re happy to have two great corners that can shut down two receivers at the same time. That’s awesome. And we have great safeties. Defensively, we’ve improved, but we have to put in the work. That starts now.” Ninkovich, who’s been working out steadily with Jerod Mayo, sees his teammates starting to invade the facility.