Brad Marchand may have finally copped to the reason behind his extremely sluggish start last season, and the legs that seemed to disappear in the second round of the playoffs. The irascible B’s right winger showed up at captain’s practice at Ristuccia Arena on Tuesday afternoon for the first time this month, and told the media that his mission was conditioning this summer. “I feel good,” said Marchand. “I feel like I had a good summer, but we’ll have to see when camp starts.” It was obvious to those that watched him play last season his skating was slower than usual in the first few months, and played into Marchand scoring just four goals combined in October and November. The Nose Face Killah has always been more of a quick skater than a fast skater, but there were times where he looked like a full step slower than his normal shifty self. The Nose Face Killah started to feel more like himself by Christmas, and still ended the season with a perfectly good 25 goals scored after a hot second half to the season. But the lack of proper conditioning headed into last season may have also been to blame for the big donut Marchand posted in the playoffs while whiffing on open net chances against the Wings and Canadiens.