Don't start planning for the 2014 NFL draft. Don’t start benching vets for youngsters. And whatever you do Jerry Reese don’t trade Hakeem Nicks. Because while many fans — and maybe even some in the Giants front office — seem ready to move on to 2014 the Giants’ proud veterans are still playing in 2013. They refuse to believe their winless club a Super Bowl champion just two years ago might consider a sell-off. “Why would we trade anyone?” safety Antrel Rolle defiantly asked Monday. “I think that’s the least of our worries right now. I think we just need to focus on getting better as a football team. This season’s not over yet.” Despite Rolle’s confidence several teams reportedly are trying to pick through the 0-6 Giants’ wreckage. The Oct. 29 trade deadline is two weeks away and there’s increasing speculation that Nicks in the last year of his contract could be on his way out. Nicks acknowledged that he’s heard the rumors and that “business is business” but he stressed that “I’m a Giant and that’s the only thing I can focus on right now. “I’m a Giant and I love playing for the Giants” he said. “I haven’t been getting any whiff of anything like that (trade talk). I’m a Giant right now and I’m going to enjoy it and we’ve got to start winning games.” Nicks added that he doesn’t believe anyone is asking out of the Giants: “I don’t think we’ve got any quitters in this locker room.” There’s been no indication the Giants are exploring a Nicks deal either but the rumors do make sense. The team does have an heir to Nicks’ spot in promising second-year man Rueben Randle and with holes at so many other positions Reese may not be able to afford Nicks who could seek a deal even larger than the five-year $43-million pact Cruz signed this offseason. The Giants could franchise him but that might make matters worse; the receiver tag could be as much as $11 million. But the moment Reese ships Nicks out of town it would be a sign that the season really is over and the Giants weren’t ready for that fate on Monday. This veteran team with its punch line of a Super Bowl countdown clock and with so many key players on one-year contracts seemed built for one last title run. Even if that seems impossible now this group at least wants to right the ship. “There’s nobody in here that would rather go anywhere” said veteran running back Brandon Jacobs. “Guys are here to stay. We’re sticking together and we’re riding with one another through this whole thing.” “If people want to count us out that’s fine” added Rolle. “But we’re not going to count ourselves out. We still have 10 games left to play and we’re gonna attack those 10 games. That’s our mind-set.”