After hardly practicing at all last week and then not playing on Sunday, Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks seems ready to at least try to give it a go. The injured receiver, who is nursing a much-discussed abdominal strain, returned to practice on Wednesday. There’s a long way to go until Sunday, of course, but his teammates were glad to see a sign of a little progress, at least. “I’m happy to have him back, period,” said receiver Victor Cruz. “Just to have him back in the huddle, in the offense, on the sideline dressed and ready to go. He’s a guy we need.” Coughlin did not say if Nicks’ injury has shown much improvement. “Hopefully we're going to see," Coughlin said. "That's why he's going to practice. Hopefully he will." Coughlin had said Nicks didn’t play against the Cowboys because of how much practice time he missed last week. So if nothing else, at least he’s giving himself a chance to play this Sunday against the Redskins. * * * S Antrel Rolle said on Tuesday that Redskins QB Robert Griffin III isn’t as dangerous a runner as he was a year ago. But on Wednesday Rolle added that RGIII is still a dangerous dual threat. “Absolutely he’s dangerous,” Rolle said. “You still can line him up against 85 percent of the guys on the field and he’ll still out-run them. The guy still can run. He’s still in my eyes a phenomenal player.”