If you had to guess which NBA coach rolls the best blunts, you'd probably guess right. Via his political outspokenness and his willingness to stand up for his players, Steve Kerr has fully earned his status as "not a regular coach, but more like a cool coach." So leave it to Nick Young to confirm our suspicions about coach Kerr. 

"Probably Steve Kerr," the former Warrior said when asked who rolled the best blunt in the NBA on The Damon Bruce Show. Though it's worth noting that he limited it to coaches so as not to snitch.

Until recently, the Golden State Warriors seemed unstoppable—a well-oiled machine that would give us nothing less than the best. It's not surprising that Kerr expects the same uniform excellence from his own rolls, no canoeing allowed. Swaggy P added that he thought the Warriors would hold on to their dominance as the "MonStars" of the NBA for at least another year.