Nick Sirianni has been shaking things up all summer in South Philadelphia. Everything he does has been deliberate, from the colorful t-shirts he wears to the friendly one-on-one competitions he conducts. Most of his unorthodox methods are in the name of fun.

On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles head coach had a more somber tone following the team’s 17-11 loss. Sirianni closed the doors and had some “tough conversations” with his assistants. Just as they hold the players accountable for their actions, the coaching staff does the same thing. Sunday’s effort was lackluster. It was marred by questionable play-calling and bad decisions, so they talked it out.

“Today it’s a little different schedule today than it is a normal Monday after a game,” Sirianni told reporters. “Today has been more about the coaches holding the coaches accountable, myself holding the coaches accountable, the coordinators holding their coaches accountable. That’s what today has been about.

“It’s just one of our core values is we hold each other accountable. These are not fun days. You come in after a loss and it’s not a fun day. You’ve got to have tough conversations; You’ve got to hold each other accountable and get better from it.”