When Nick Saban wanted to make sure Alabama was focused for Monday's title game, he had his players watch a tape of Mariano Rivera. "He talked about how he struggled at some time ... because he was trying to be a perfectionist, and when he's in the bullpen, he sees the crowd, he hears the crowd, he knows sometimes he's getting a lot of positive self gratification from what he does and sometimes he gets a lot of negative self gratification ... ," Saban said Sunday. "But when he runs out and they hand him the ball, he's got one focus: he's not worried about the crowd, he's not worried about any of their external factors. One focus: Three outs; how am I going to three outs." Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/college/saban-puts-mo-bat-bama-article-1.1234683#ixzz2HICZF0yk