Nick Saban has made his feelings known about the early signing day in the past, but on Friday he couldn’t help further express his displeasure. The early signing day means players can sign with schools on Dec. 20, which is right smack dab in the middle of bowl game preparation. In a classic Saban rant, he absolutely reamed the process. He believes it puts undue pressure on coaches to recruit fast and players to make a mad dash to sign with schools. “I don’t think it’s in the players’ best interest,” Saban said, per Michael Casagrande of “I don’t see how it benefits anybody. I think it’s really stressful for everyone. We’re all trying to get ready for bowl games and playoff games and we have a signing day right in the middle of when we’re going to be practicing for a playoff game. It was very stressful for a lot of coaches to get out and see as many guys as they could in December and accelerate everything. You don’t have very much time to do that. If you’re playing in a championship game, you have even less time to do it.” Saban and his recruiting department have more time than most programs between the end of the regular season and their bowl game. Alabama doesn’t play until Jan. 1 in the Sugar Bowl against Clemson. They have a week’s worth of time more than most coaches who also are preparing for bowl games.