The words in this title to describe Alabama head coach Nick Saban are not hyperbole. They are written precisely as intended when America’s highest paid public employee of great mass influence can’t render public opinion on Roy Moore. Nick Saban is not just any coach or employee. At over $11 million a year, he makes more money than all U.S. workers employed by a local or state government. He is a public servant who works at a public university as an alleged leader of college “students.” Those incomparable facts come with great public responsibility. The lead-up to Roy Moore and Doug Jones' election Tuesday should have been Saban’s shining career moment to show true leadership and humanity. By remaining silent on the numerous allegations that Moore was a pedophile, Saban showed he does not care about the plight or protection of young women and girls. By remaining silent on Moore’s romanticization of slavery, Saban showed he does not care about the plight or opinions of so many young black men who produce his unearned salary.