Clemson coach Dabo Swinney once said he’d quit if players were permitted to make money. (He hasn’t, yet.) Alabama coach Nick Saban has opted instead to pivot — especially since he sees a clear advantage from doing so.

On one hand, Saban is accepting the new reality because he has no other choice. Trends change, and smart coaches adjust. On the other hand, Saban (arguably the best recruiter in the history of college sports) already sees a way to use the new NIL rules to lure more great players to his program.

“Our quarterback [Bryce Young] already has approached ungodly numbers,” Saban said Tuesday, via “I’m not going to say what they are. He hasn’t even played yet. He hasn’t been a starter. If I told you what he’s . . . it’s almost 7-figures. And it’s like the guy hasn’t even played yet. That’s because of our program.”

The comment about Young making so much money has become the headline, but Saban was sure to add the hammer. Young will be making that money because he’s playing for the University of Alabama.