Nobody, except Chip Kelly, knows what the Eagles offense will look like when the regular season opens in Washington, Sept. 9. And nobody, and that might even include Kelly, knows who the starting quarterback will be that night against the Redskins. Through mini-camp and the few OTA practices, Kelly hasn’t given the media even a peek at what things are going to look like, and he probably won’t until the league says he has to when training camp starts in late July. As far as the quarterback situation goes, it’s anybody’s guess right now and that’s what everyone is doing. The speculation here is that if Kelly liked Nick Foles as much as he has said he likes him, then there wouldn’t have been any reason to spend two draft picks, a fourth-round and the seventh-round it cost him to move up, to select Matt Barkley. If Foles was his quarterback of the present and more importantly the future, then he should have used those picks on defensive players, or offensive linemen or anything but another young, unproven quarterback out of the Pac 12. Mike Vick, who showed this week he can still win a 40-yard dash by smoking LeSean McCoy in a match-race challenge, is the safe bet as the opening-game starter. How long he keeps that role will depend on performance and more likely his health. Barkley, who is Kelly’s choice, figures to be waiting. His strength is his smarts, so he’ll have the offense learned. It will just be a matter of executing it. For Foles, his future with the Eagles appears to be in jeopardy. Coaches can say all they want about how competition is good, but honestly they do not want three quarterbacks sharing reps equally in camp, especially in an offense that is new to all of them. Don’t be surprised if Foles isn’t traded (Kansas City did not draft a quarterback if you were wondering) before camp opens.