Warren Sapp's thoughts on Ndamukong Suh have been critical and well documented As it turns out, he really doesn't feel so differently about another Detroit Lions defensive tackle, either. Sapp, a Hall of Famer, is not a fan of Nick Fairley -- citing his top-heavy physique. "Little legs," Sapp said when asked about Fairley's game during Super Bowl festivities last week in New York. And he would go on to say "little legs" seven more times in his 12 sentences on the topic. "You asked me a question and I told you: Little legs. Nick Fairley, little legs," he said, when asked if he thought Fairley was getting better. "I don't even know what he weighs. That would be so those little legs could carry it. He's got little legs. I've never seen a defensive tackle with little legs like that stay that long.