Former Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins doubled down on his desire to return to the NFL after missing the past two years with a severe neck injury. "My whole purpose of doing what I did on Twitter, I wanted to remind everybody I'm still out there and I'm willing to play, given the opportunity," Collins told ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde on Wednesday. "That was the whole purpose of my Tweets on Monday. Just to say, 'I'm ready, I'm 100 percent healed.'" Collins' agent, Alan Herman, told Wilde on Tuesday that Collins' medical status, as far as NFL teams were concerned, had not changed. That hasn't ended Collins' desire to return. "I'm open. Whoever wants to give me the chance -- if it's Green Bay, if it's any of the other 31 teams that's willing to take me that chance -- I just have to be comfortable with it. It has to be in the right place," Collins said. It's unlikely to be the Packers who give the safety a chance. According to Collins, Green Bay physician Dr. Pat McKenzie was the "only doctor" not willing to medically clear him after the injury. While Collins claims he was cleared to go elsewhere, that a safety of his caliber got no other inquires the past two seasons speaks louder.