Hours after news broke Nick Bosa’s Ohio State career is over, his father told a Columbus TV station he would not have been able to return until December at the earliest. 

John Bosa also revealed to WBNS his son had played the first two games of the season with some groin damage: 

“The reality is the return on a bilateral repair like that is about 12 weeks. When you do the math on that, we looked at that and to really safety return put him well into December. So as a family, just a horrible decision and just a heart-breaking decision for us because as you know I think we were going to witness one of the most amazing years a defensive lineman has had here and obviously Nicholas was focused, part of his goals was to see how far we could get through there in the playoffs, so it was a very difficult decision. But obviously as a family and to look at his future health and to look at the repair and his decision, this was the right decision to make.” 

He added that the family has great affection for both OSU head coach Urban Meyer and defensive line coach Larry Johnson.

“It’s just been a wonderful experience and unfortunately it has to end like this but we know we’re doing the right thing for our son. We love the Buckeyes and it’s heart-breaking to know we’re not going to be watching him anymore in a Buckeye uniform.” 

While Nick Bosa’s college career is over, his father said he should be fully ready to go for the NFL Combine in March.