There were some who thought Nick Bosa was simply making a (wise) business decision last fall when he withdrew from school to focus on his recovery from a core muscle injury, rather than trying to return to play in the college playoffs for Ohio State.

But Bosa told Kevin Van Valkenburg of it was not nearly that simple, and that he wasn’t anywhere close to being able to return to play, despite what Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer said at the time.

“I love coach Meyer, but I think his mind was on winning a national championship,” Bosa said.

(We’ll now pause for a moment to consider the possibility that college football coaches might occasionally be interested in their own welfare more than the physical condition of the unpaid interns put in their care.) (Nah, there’s no way they would do that.) (Right?)

Bosa described the pain he suffered when the stumbled on a pass-rush move in the third game of the season against TCU:  “It was the worst pain I’ve felt. It was like a couple of pops in my groin. I knew right away that it was really bad.”