Palms are slick with sweat and the heart rate is elevated. Breaths are sharp and hurried. Expletives are verbally hurled at the television, quite often.

This is the heightened life experience otherwise known as watching playoff hockey. It's a feeling sports fans haven't experienced over the last few weeks, when the NHL playoffs provide nightly, dizzying entertainment.

Watching one's team battle in playoff overtime is one of the more anxious scenarios for a fan. It's still a feeling anyone who is passionate about sports would rather feel than the nearly barren sports landscape currently.

Back and forth, up and down. Each tilt of the ice feels like a death knell to the defending team. 

The rise and fall of the crowd's groan with each barrage of shots on net, goaltender's standing on their heads, Doc Emrick maintaining a masterful handle on both the English language and diction amid the "chaos" — all elements of playoff overtime hockey, all things we might have the privilege of experiencing again soon.