An open letter to those NHLers who voted Dion Phaneuf the most overrated player in the league in a Sports Illustrated poll of 161 players. Dear Jealous, Petty Gentlemen: I'm sure you have your reasons. Maybe his $6.5 million salary is bigger than yours. Maybe his girlfriend is lovelier and more famous than yours. Maybe he hurt your feelings with some brash on-ice slight or another. Maybe his endorsement deals for energy potion and trendy parkas and hockey equipment have you calling your agent saying, "If Phaneuf can get that, why can't I?" But let's face it, fellas. The vast majority of you can't get it because you're not the captain of the most watched, most loved and most valuable hockey club on the planet. You can't get it because you wear neither No. 3 nor the C for the Toronto Maple Leafs. You can't get it, gents, and we feel for you. But that's no reason to take it out on a guy who can. Envy and lust and wrath are deadly sins. And as Brian Burke, the Leafs GM, was saying on radio the other night, defending Phaneuf: "People love to hate the Toronto Maple Leafs."