In 2018, the NHL began running an online pregame show ahead of Stanley Cup Final matchups. The show (fittingly titled Stanley Cup Live), streamed on Facebook last year. It was successful enough that the league is offering an additional way to watch, streaming the show on Twitter as well as Facebook this year.

Tim Peterson at Digiday has the details on the change, which as you’d expect, is an effort by the NHL to meet a younger audience where they are:

Starting on May 27, the NHL will live stream “Stanley Cup Live” on both Facebook and Twitter before each game of the Stanley Cup Final. In addition to streaming the show on Facebook and Twitter, the NHL has a sponsor for this year’s edition of “Stanley Cup Live.”

The livestream will largely center on Facebook to take advantage of the social network’s interactive features, but the league has opted to simulcast the show on Twitter in order to reach more people and push them to tune into the TV broadcast of games.