Andrew Shaw hasn't exactly earned the benefit of the doubt, so when it appeared that he may have used a homophobic slur during a game last week, it was fair (and appropriate) for the NHL to launch an investigation into the incident. The league, however, has concluded that the Montreal Canadiens forward did not use any derogatory slurs during this particular incident. During last Friday's Canadiens-Ducks game in Anaheim, the Montreal winger was sent to the penalty box after an on-ice skirmish with Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa. While in the box, cameras captured Shaw yelling something towards someone on the ice. Many attempted to read his lips and -- presumably largely because of Shaw's history -- interpreted his comments as being anti-homosexual. The league's investigation was sparked based on what that video showed, but NHL officials reportedly came to their conclusion based off of more than just what was shown from the penalty box camera. On Sunday, the NHL released an official statement regarding the matter.