As gruesome as Evander Kane’s skate-slashed wrist was on Nov. 8, what is equally gut-wrenching for Kane and the Edmonton Oilers is that it was mostly preventable.

Kane was not wearing Kevlar-infused and cut-resistant material, which is widely available to NHL players, when Tampa Bay’s Pat Maroon accidentally stepped on his wrist, leading to a deep laceration that went to the bone. With immediate medical attention required to stop the bleeding, Kane quickly underwent surgery to repair the cut. He is expected to be out until February or March.

Kane’s injury was the genesis of an agenda item about player equipment on Tuesday at the NHL’s bi-annual GM Meetings here following Hockey Hall of Fame weekend.

The NHL’s 32 GMs were shown video of not just Kane’s injury, but an even more recent but equally queasy incident at the Karjala Cup in Finland where Finnish player Waltteri Merela had his wrist sliced open.

They were also shown a clip of a player who wore a cut-resistant sock and how it protected him against a major Achilles injury when a skate contacted his leg. Managers were reminded of the four cut-resistant material brands available to teams.