In this week’s edition of the NHL Power Rankings we see some big climbs from the Rangers and Wild, two of the hottest teams in the league.

Both teams are riding winning streaks of at least five games or more and keep finding ways to win.

For Minnesota, it is the kind of offense that we have never really seen from the Wild.

For the Rangers, it is all about the goaltending of Igor Shesterkin and their superstars at the top of the lineup. They check in with second and third place rankings this week, making big climbs up to the top-10.

Where does your team sit?

To this week’s NHL Power Rankings!

1. Florida Panthers (LW: 5). A three-game winning streak, including wins against Washington and St. Louis, helps the Panthers regain the top spot. They have the league’s best record (by points percentage) and have built a heck of a team.

2. New York Rangers (LW: 9). Are they best team in hockey? Not sure of that. But they have superstars in the right places to carry them pretty far. Their only loss over the past month was a 2-1 loss to Toronto, another of the league’s hottest teams at the moment.

3. Minnesota Wild (LW: 10). He is not the only one responsible for it, but it is amazing how much the arrival of Kirill Kaprizov a year ago completely changed the identity and playing style of this team.

4. Toronto Maple Leafs (LW: 1). Little bit of a slip-up the past two games but they are still playing great hockey this season. The past will haunt them until they do something different, but try to enjoy the moment if you are a Maple Leafs fan.

5. Washington Capitals (LW: 2). The way they have continued to score goals and win with so many key players sidelined has been impressive, and overshadowed a nice bounce back season so far for Ilya Samsonov in net. Also, Alex Ovechkin keeps chasing Wayne Gretzky.