The NHL released a comprehensive 21-page memo Monday detailing the next phase of what will hopefully lead to the resumption of the 2019-20 season — and a Stanley Cup champion being crowned — sometime this summer. Tuesday Gary Bettman went on network television and announced that the regular season has officially concluded and they'll now focus on the return to play format that could see 24-teams potentially hit the ice during summer months.

First on the docket is Phase 2 of the NHL's four-tired plan, which is expected to begin in early June, and will see the majority of players stepping back on the ice for the first time in three months. While some time off once the offseason occurs is normal, due to the massive wear and tear an 82-game regular season plus playoffs has on the body, it's usually not this long.

In reality, this is probably the longest most players have been off skates since their youth hockey days.