What, you wonder, can the NBA take away from the NHL’s big return to play plan laid out yesterday by Gary Bettman?


I know we up here tend to use one sport as a point of reference against the other and that’s so dead wrong it drives me batty.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had people say “well, that’s not how hockey does it” but I do know it’s been enough times that my eyes immediately glaze over and I often wish I could run away from the conversation like my hair is on fire – long and shaggy as it is in the Pandemic Times.

Anyway, the NHL’s decision to come back sometime in July or August with 24 teams in some hybrid Stanley Cup tournament is good for the NHL, I suppose.  I trust they will have thought of all the perils and benefits to doing it that way and even though they were unable to put firm dates on it – another wise course of action since things continue to change rapidly – having something for fans to chew on is a good thing.