With so many games postponed so far this season, the NHL has had to make widespread adjustments to get back on track. The league’s position is still to have all 31 teams play a full 56-game campaign, meaning the schedule-maker is working overtime through the COVID and inclement weather postponements.

The following games have been rescheduled:

New Jersey at Washington, March 7–>Feb. 21

Minnesota at San Jose, April 23–>Feb. 22

Minnesota at Colorado, Feb. 4–>Feb. 24

Colorado at Arizona, Feb. 25–>Feb. 26

Arizona at Los Angeles, April 23–>March 3

New Jersey at Boston, Feb. 15–>March 7

Washington at Philadelphia, April 27–>March 7

NY Islanders at New Jersey, April 27–>March 14

Washington at Buffalo, Feb. 11–>March 15

Anaheim at Colorado, March 31–>March 16

Arizona at Minnesota, Feb. 6–>March 16