The NHL has revealed the full participant list for the 2023 NHL All-Star Skills Competition, taking place Friday at the FLA Live Arena in Florida.

The competition will feature three new events, the Enterprise NHL Splash Shot, the Discover NHL Tendy Tandem and the Chipotle NHL Pitch ‘n Puck. The splash shot event will pit participants on a beach in Fort Lauderdale as they fire at targets to get their opponents wet.

For the trendy tandem challenge, a release from the NHL says “the shooting goalies will earn points based on the accuracy of their shots at the net, and the in-net goalies will face rushes of three, two or one player(s), based on the number of points earned by the shooting goalie in their tandem.”

The Pitch ‘n Puck challenge will have players shoot a combination of hockey and golf shots, with the winner being the one with the lowest score.