Today the NHL announced their protocol for offseason training at team facilities. The rules draw heavily on the Phase 2 protocols that covered players returning to their facilities prior to the official start of training camp before the Return to Play.

All protocols are subject to being overridden by local rules, and attendance at club facilities is voluntary. Teams can choose to open their facilities prior to October 15, but as long as at least five players request access, they must open up by that date.

Like in Phase 2, players from other teams can use the ice for skating and the weight room upon request, so it seems likely the facility in Toronto will be in use by more than five players at all times.

Only 12 players may be on the ice at one time, and the social distancing and hygiene rules from Phase 2 are back. Coaching staffs are not allowed to run offseason training sessions, and they won’t be present on the ice.