There’s always an excuse.

Jim Caldwell is too boring. Marvin Lewis can’t make in-game adjustments. Vance Joseph wasn’t aggressive enough. Hue Jackson is a fake. Steve Wilks just wasn’t the right fit.

Or … something.

Rather than fawning over someone’s offensive genius or playing Six Degrees of Sean McVay, let’s go ahead and call what’s going on in the NFL for what it really is. Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen certain coaches get jobs and interviews while others are given a once-over – maybe – and told better luck next time.

The only difference being the color of their skin.  

How else to explain someone like Kliff Kingsbury, whose NFL experience is limited to carrying a clipboard a decade ago, being hired as the Arizona Cardinals’ head coach? Six weeks after he was fired at Texas Tech, no less. Or Adam Gase getting snapped up by the New York Jets after his sterling, sub-.500 record with the Miami Dolphins? Or Josh McDaniels getting calls after leaving the Indianapolis Colts in the lurch a year ago?

Or McVay already having a coaching tree after two seasons with the Los Angeles Rams while Anthony Lynn, whose job with the crosstown Chargers over the same span is equally impressive, not even having a shrub?

This is nothing against Kingsbury, Gase, McDaniels or any of the other white coaches who’ve gone after and gotten jobs. Opportunities were presented to them and they took advantage. As they should.