The NFLPA announced on Saturday that it will not be investigating the circumstances surrounding the absence of Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. A media report this week had suggested that the NFLPA was going to investigate the role Richie Incognito may have played in Martin's decision to leave the team. Martin left the the team's facilities on Oct. 28 after a cafeteria prank and isn't expected back anytime soon. "We have an obligation to protect and support all of our members," the NFLPA's statement said. "We take official investigations very seriously and in this case, we have not launched an investigation into Richie Incognito or other players in Miami. The NFLPA believes that management has an obligation to ensure a safe and professional workplace and we will continue to be in close touch with our player leaders and all players involved as the information develops." There were allegations that Incognito and other teammates had bullied Martin and pushed him over the edge. However, Martin may have been attempting to rebuke that claim when he left a Facebook status on Oct. 31 telling everyone to 'not believe everything you read.'