The NFL will study and examine the 2013 preseason games to see what can be improved in hopes of offering a better product in the future a league source said Wednesday. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said his goal is for a more fan-friendly and watchable preseason. The NFL still is looking at different formats for the split of regular-season and preseason games -- 18-and-2 16-and-2 or 17-and-3. The league will examine this year's preseason to figure it out. The NFL will look at how much starters play how the lineups are configured and fan reaction particularly with the fourth and final preseason game. In addition the NFL has discussed -- and will continue to discuss -- the possibility of lowering preseason ticket prices across the board. One team can't just drop prices; it would have to be a league-induced change. And the NFL can't impose it unilaterally; owners would have to vote on the proposed change at an owners' meeting.