As fans with no control of the outcome, waiting for the NFL draft can be challenging. After months of poring over scouting reports, tracking the latest rumors and building expectations, the long-awaited Thursday night finally arrives.

Your favorite team is on the clock, and you're convinced a future star is about to join the roster.

But then, a trade. Instead of seeing a top-ranked player hold up that uniform, you're forced to wait. The beloved team has moved back in the draft—sometimes entirely out of the first round—leaving you to keep dreaming about an unknown player.

This happens every year. And as the 2022 draft nears, we've identified five franchises that need to seriously consider trading down—despite the disappointment we'll experience as fans.


Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps this is overly harsh, but it feels like the Seattle Seahawks are lacking a defined long-term direction.

Without a doubt, that's largely a reflection of trading star quarterback Russell Wilson. However, it's not simply one blockbuster trade. While the Seahawks have postured like a rebuild isn't happening, their free-agency management didn't match that stance.

Seattle currently holds the No. 9 overall slot, and a rookie QB remains in play because Drew Lock isn't a proven option. If the right QB is still on the board, the Seahawks should keep the pick.

Otherwise, though, they have plenty of reason to trade back, rely on a pair of second-rounders and attack the 2023 draft as a more detailed plan emerges from what happens in the 2022 season.