As it turns out, you shouldn't flaunt it if you got it. At least, not if you're an NFL player.

The NFL is shifting back into "No Fun League" mode, with the league's competition committee deciding that taunting should be an emphasis from officiating crews entering the 2021 season. While taunting has always been on the books as a 15-yard penalty, this year we could see more flags fly for players talking a little smack to one another. 

What that means? Less taunting, less fun, more penalties. How annoying.

Here's what you need to know about the league's rule and its enforcement entering this season:

What is the NFL's taunting rule in 2021?

The rule for taunting hasn't been changed, per se. NFL officiating crews are just going to place an emphasis on taunting in the 2021 season, meaning: No more flexing on your opponent after a big run, no more excessive trash talk on the field and, potentially, no more Tyreek Hill deuces thrown up on a big play.

The rule change may have been spurred by Antoine Winfield Jr., who, in Super Bowl 55, taunted Hill by throwing up Hill's signature peace sign in the closing stages of the blowout.