Unable so far to work out a scheduling conflict with the Orioles, the Ravens aren’t sure if they’ll host the NFL season opener at all. That honor traditionally goes to the Super Bowl champions, but that is now in limbo because the Ravens and Orioles haven’t been able to agree to a compromise. The Orioles are scheduled to play the Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Sept. 5 at Camden Yards. That is also the same night the NFL wants to play the season opener at the Ravens’ M&T Bank Stadium. The league looked into moving the game to Wednesday, Sept. 4 – the Orioles play in Cleveland that night - but they ultimately decided against it because that’s the first day of Rosh Hashanah. That left the Ravens and Orioles to try to find a compromise, and they’ve been unable to do so. The Ravens have made a couple of proposals to the Orioles, but none have satisfied the team. Those proposals included a financial contribution. "We’ve talked to Major League Baseball. I called [commissioner] Bud Selig twice and spoken to him about that, trying to work out an accommodation to allow the Orioles game to happen earlier in the afternoon and the Ravens tocelebrate their Super Bowl championship with their fans at home. We think that’s the right thing," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said at a news conference this afternoon at the league meetings. "We’ve agreed to move the game a little bit later to accommodate the baseball game. We think it would be a great day. As a kid who grew up an Orioles fan, to have an Orioles game in the afternoon and then go to the Ravens’ Super Bowl championship celebration for the kickoff game would be a great day. We hope that’s the way it happens." Goodell also ruled out playing the game on the first day of Rosh Hashanah although games have been played on that day in the past. Greg Bader, the Orioles vice president for communications and marketing, declined comment. However, a source with knowledge of the baseball team's thinking said the Orioles don't think they could get the required approval of the White Sox, Major League Baseball and the MLB player's association to make the change.