The first overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft is probably tooling around Laramie, Wyoming, right now in his beat-up pickup truck, enjoying what are sure to be his last, dwindling days of relative obscurity. He's still not that far removed from being the unrecruited kid out of high school that no one really wanted (zero scholarship offers), and rapidly approaching the bold existence of the professional football superstar that he seems destined to become. University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, with the 2017 draft just completed and Mock Draft Nation and the NFL's scouting community in perpetual pursuit of the next big thing, is already drawing significant buzz from scouts and personnel men as the potential jewel of the 2018 draft. Their lonely eyes are turning out West, to the high plains of Wyoming, where a rising redshirt junior who had just solidified himself atop the Cowboys' QB depth chart at this time a year ago, and who was relegated to Reedley Community College just a few years before that with no Division I teams interested, is poised to be the Carson Wentz of 2018. Luckily for Allen, he is coached by Craig Bohl, the same steady hand that brought Wentz to North Dakota State and molded that program into a small-school powerhouse. And, lucky for Allen, he is playing in a pro-style offense that forces him to make downfield reads, scan the field and make throws from the pocket, showcasing the very attributes that make those scouts and GMs drool. And, luckily for Bohl, Allen has a similar mentality and attitude as Wentz -- far beyond driven and motivated, eager to learn, a natural born leader without cockiness or entitlement -- which will make handling his impending fame, fortune and national attention much easier. Because come August, NFL brass will be making a steady procession to Wyoming. The press boxes will be flooded with scouts every Saturday, and the internal discussions will have already begun amid the many teams invariably in the hunt for a quarterback of the present, the future, or both. And at a touch over 6-feet-5, bulking up now to nearly 235 pounds, with tremendous speed at that size (he most recently ran a 40-yard dash in 4.6 seconds), with a huge arm and a great head, and with some intriguing out-of-conference games on the schedule (Iowa and Oregon in September), Allen is primed to become perhaps the face -- and story -- of the 2018 draft.