Thursday and Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine is always a whirlwind. The action on the field hasn't started, but the majority of the NFL's head coaches and general managers speak to the media over the two-day span. It's a lot to take in. We've been cranking all day at Around the League, and here's what we learned Thursday on Day 1: » The buzzword in New York around quarterback Mark Sanchez is "competition". The Jets are desperate to bring in someone who can challenge Sanchez. They are less desperate to discuss a potential trade for Darrelle Revis. Despite all the hot air about how much they value Revis, the team will not rule out a deal. » The NFL came out hard against the NFL Players Association on the matter of HGH testing. This is a topic that isn't going away. » You can't believe everything that you hear at the combine, but my gut says quarterback Nick Foles likely will remain with the Philadelphia Eagles. Both the Eagles and Chiefs' representatives pointed in that direction.