Everyone, as the NFL Draft rapidly approaches, is offering up their opinion on one of the top prospects in this year’s event, South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. Be it positive or negative, you’re going to hear a lot of takes on the phenom between now and May. In an interview with one of the people that matter the most in all of this, an anonymous NFL scout, we got one of the more negative takes on the former Gamecock as he stated that he would not risk his livelihood this May in the hopes that Clowney lives up to the tremendous hype. “I would not put my job on the line for that guy,” the scout told jsonline.com. “Who has a profile like that that’s been successful in the NFL? Lazy. Not playing hard … I think his physical talent is being overblown. At what point in his life has he had to push himself? Now you’re going to give him this money and say, ‘Do something you’re never done in your life before. Against guys you just can’t run over.’ I would not do it.”