When the projected NFL salary cap number for 2013 leaked out a couple months ago, it was pegged at $121 million. This was only up from $120.6 million in 2012, meaning a big increase wasn't expected for this year. While there still is not expected to be much of an increase, it looks like the $121 million number may have actually been a bit low. When the 2013 salary cap number is actually set later this offseason, Pro Football Talk reports that it could be $121.5 million. That's only a $500,000 increase from the previous projected number, but hey, every little bit helps for teams like the Detroit Lions. Speaking of the Lions, they are currently a little more than $3 million under the $121 million salary cap number, according to the Free Press. You could bump their cap space up to around $3.5 million if the $121.5 million number turns out to be the actual salary cap.