It's combine week, my friends. Even though the Super Bowl seems like it just ended, the NFL cycle churns on. And lest you think the combine is only about the upcoming draft, it's anything but. All sorts of business gets done this week in Indianapolis, not the least of which is jockeying for cap space. Sure, a few deals already have been consummated -- like Baltimore's extension with Terrell Suggs -- and a few players already have been released, but Will Smith and Nate Burleson and Louis Delmas and Asante Samuel are just the start. There will be cap cuts. To continue a theme I noted in December, expect quite a few more corners to be let go because of bloated salaries. And there will be extensions, quite a few restructures and, of course, players can begin to receive the franchise tag this week as well. But this is when contractual bloodletting really begins. Let's look at some upcoming cap casualties, with free agency set for March 11. Keep in mind, particularly with injured players or guys coming off surgery, teams often wait as long as possible before releasing them to mitigate paying medical costs in the upcoming league year.