The Seattle Seahawks presumed plan to drum up more interest for All-Pro safety Earl Thomas seems to have worked like a charm. With the team exploring all options to rebuild their defense, Thomas has become one of the prime candidates to be traded due to his tremendous value, large cap hit and last year remaining on his contract. With new reports surfacing during the combine that the team had renewed interest in moving him and Richard Sherman, it felt like a clear play to show the offers they received early weren't good enough to get a deal done and drum up more interest. If that was the case, it worked. According to draft analyst Tony Pauline, several teams are now openly talking about trading for Thomas and how he might fit their system. This note is important for a big reason. If the Seahawks truly are to move the linchpin of their defense, having as many offers on the table is to their benefit. Playing teams against each other will drive up their asking price, which is surely already a king's ransom.