Pass interference replay review was a flop, so much that it was abandoned by the NFL after one year of use, but that's not going to preclude the league's owners from considering employing replay to examine other key penalties.

With the Annual League (virtual) Meeting coming at the end of the month, owners could vote to approve a new rule change to make roughing the passer reviewable by replay, according to NFL Network's Judy Battista. The potential for implementation immediately calls to mind the league's failed experiment with pass interference replay review, which Battista pointed out could be a preview of how owners consider this proposal.

If our one-year dance with pass interference review taught us anything, it's we should hope that roughing the passer is better defined -- or more aggressively reviewed -- than pass interference was. The league encountered a stretch of about a half of a season in which pass interference replay reviews were overturned so infrequently, coaches simply stopped even considering throwing the red challenge flag on questionable plays. A second half with much more aggressive reviews brought things closer to even, but it was too little, too late.