Welcome to the NFL offseason. The time of year where speculation and rumors run rampant, and fans get frustrated. One minute, a player is destined to join one team, the next he's headed somewhere else, and the third he's never going to hit free agency in the first place. Today, your favorite team will draft one player, tomorrow another, and next week, it will be someone you've never even seen play. Welcome to the NFL offseason. Yet, reading comments around the internet, from here on The Phinsider to every other football site, fans seem to have forgotten that this is the time of year where smokescreens and "leaks" work for the teams. Of course the Miami Dolphins are going to sign Greg Jennings, who Joe Philbin may not like, after the Green Bay Packers franchise tag him. Yes, the Dolphins have the salary cap space to sign Mike Wallace and won't allow anyone to out bid them, except maybe the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals, who have more cap space than the Dolphins. Those same Packers were done with Jermichael Finley in December. In February, they may keep him. The San Francisco 49ers have worked out a trade to send Alex Smith somewhere. But every team that is leaked to be in discussions, denies any discussion. So, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren't getting Alex Smith. The Kansas City Chiefs aren't getting Alex Smith. In fact, the 49ers may be trading him to...well...nowhere.