Some viewers were taken by surprise late Thursday night when NFL Network’s panel of former stars took aim at Kirk Cousins following Washington’s brutal 38-14 loss in Dallas. The team was sloppy in countless ways during the game — and Cousins cost his team dearly by fumbling the ball on a first-half sack. But Washington’s first turnover, a pass that went off Jamison Crowder’s hands and was intercepted in the end zone, did not appear to be a Cousins error. “It just went through my hands,” Crowder said after the game, when he also said “a big part [of the loss] was my fault.” And yet that play — and the quarterback’s reaction after it — was singled out for criticism during NFL Network’s discussion. “Kirk Cousins, do you pay him, do you not?” Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk said. “There was blood in the water. The Cowboys were a wounded team coming in. I’m talking about not just physically but emotionally and mentally. As a quarterback, you come into games like this and you shred that defense, based on what I saw last week against the Los Angeles Chargers.” Host Rich Eisen then argued that Cousins “was putting some balls right on the hands of some of his receivers in the first quarter,” and also mentioned Crowder’s fumbled punt return.