The National Football League is easily the most popular sport in the entire United States. They know this, we know this, but it does not mean they will not try and take advantage of things to save some money.

The Super Bowl — the grand daddy of them all that brings together a ton of different fan bases as well as celebrities to watch the annual game — is being blasted this week after professional dance artist and activist Taja Riley posted screenshots on Instagram from dancers around the industry who were asked to “volunteer for free” as field performers for the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Riley, who has worked with Janet Jackson, Beyonce, and Rihanna, showed emails allegedly sent by a Super Bowl coordinator. The dancer wrote that a casting manager wanted “predominantly African American movers,” although the field performers would be doing “very little dance.”

What’s even crazier is the schedule calls for them to be used for nine days of work with a total of 72 working hours between rehearsals and day-of performance. Seven of these days include 8+ hour rehearsals and nobody will be compensated for their time. The email also stated that all rehearsals are mandatory and that participants will be expected to provide their own transportation to all rehearsals and events.