David Beckham made a huge splash in 2007 when it was announced he would join the Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy. But what if Beckham, retired for now from futbol, were to give football a shot? Apparently, one team has made him an offer to do exactly that, according to the UK newspaper the Mirror, which writes that “an NFL franchise scout contacted the star to see if he would be interested in trying out as a star kicker.” The chances of this actually happening strike me as slim, because Beckham isn't in need of money and because he's 38 years old (and, well, because he's never played American football professionally). Besides, Beckham reportedly told the scout he wasn't interested. But you could understand, I suppose, why an NFL team would want to employ Beckham. It's called international marketing, and since the NFL is into that sort of thing, especially if the league goes ahead with its current plans of eventually placing a franchise in London, Beckham could be a valuable commodity. “It was obvious too that if Becks took up the offer then any NFL franchise would be interested as his international appeal would generate billions in PR and commercial opportunities,” a source told the Mirror. “ … The offer came in and he politely said that it wasn't right for him. Perhaps in the next few months he could change his mind.” So, that's that. For now, at least. But in case Beckham wants to forgo kicking and try his hand at running back, we've got some film (albeit in an Adidas advertisement) we can study.