There are probably a lot of disappointed assistant coaches around the NFL this week. At the beginning of the week, there was a sense of joy and triumph amongst them. However, that elation and satisfaction has been tabled. On Tuesday, when the NFL owners met in Chicago for their annual May meetings, they voted through several rule changes. Players can now make snow angels in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, and teams don’t have do two roster cut-downs in the preseason. Progress. What about head-coaching candidates? Well, they have to wait for their freedom. The owners decided to table a measure that would have allowed assistant coaches from playoff teams to negotiate with teams looking for a head coach while their teams are still playing. NFL Media reported that the league wanted to continue talking about it. How NFL-like. This was a no-brainer idea, and the owners just couldn’t make the right decision and make this a new rule. When this potential rule change was announced last week, there was excitement around the league in anticipation of progress and positive change. “Finally,” said one agent who represents several assistant coaches who could be positively affected by the rule change. Another veteran agent, who has concentrated on representing coaches in his career, was also pleased.