The pandemic continues to rage out of control. The NFL continues to not flinch in the face of it.

Yes, the 2020 season included several outbreaks — in Tennessee, Baltimore, Cleveland. But despite some fairly major surgery to the schedule, including a three-week delay in a game between the Steelers and Titans, the league got all 256 regular-season games played within 17 weeks.

In the 10 games played in the postseason, only one game was impacted by COVID-19. The fact that the Browns upset the Steelers in a game that saw Cleveland not have its head coach made the virus even less of an issue. Last week in the divisional round, nothing happened. This week, as the AFC and NFC Championship games approached, it never even came up.

And so it’s no surprise that both games have gotten the green light for today. The only remaining question is whether the Super Bowl will feature any COVID-19 issues.