Yes, it’s unfair that a team like the 12-4 49ers must venture to Green Bay for Ice Bowl II when the Packers cobbled together a measly 8-7-1 record en route to the NFC North crown. It’s as unfair as it is for the 11-5 Saints to have to travel to play the 10-6 Eagles on Saturday night. And it’s as unfair as it was when the 2010 Saints, also 11-5, had to travel to Seattle to play the 7-9 Seahawks. And it’s as unfair as when the 2011 Steelers, at 12-4, had to leave safety Ryan Clark home (due to a medical inability to play at altitude) for a playoffs game at Denver against the 8-8 Broncos. The league previously has shown no inclination to strip the automatic home game that goes with winning a division, no matter how bad the four teams in that division may be. But the league apparently has at least considered it. We think. In a statement provided to the website the NFL owns, the league acknowledged that the issue has been discussed. Along with every other issue that may or may not ever be addressed.